Hydraulic Torque Wrench ,Bolt Tensioner & Torque Pump

Mr.Provider Co., Ltd is the Myanmar Representative of TorcStark® (PINGYUAN JINGKE HYDRAULIC CO., LTD).

TorcStark® ​was founded in 2000 with 15 million US dollars registered capital. Now the company covers an area of 20,000 sqm and has more than 150 employees.

TorcStark has developed many series of products, including hydraulic torque wrench, hydraulic bolt tensioner, hydraulic wrench pump, automatic wrench pump, hydraulic puller, PLC synchronous lifting system, 3D adjustment system, etc. TorcStark is devoted to providing perfect solutions for the tightening/loosening of kinds of bolts, movement and positioning of projects etc. The products are widely used in the bridges, subways, oil fields and wind farm installation and maintenance industry. TorcStark products can replace foreign brands in some fields especially in PLC synchronous lifting and wind turbine industry, they are already used in more than 170 wind farms of China market and won great reputation from customers.

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