About Mr-Provider

About Mr-Provider About Mr-Provider

About Mr-Provider

Mr.Provider Co. Ltd. was established in 2019 to provide general services to businesses in various sectors of Myanmar's socio-economic sectors.

With a strong belief in Cognitive, Sharing & Deliver, we intend to pioneer Trading & Extraordinary general Service Providing, with innovations that serve to customize solutions of global quality, commitment, and excellent customer service to meet our local market.

Moreover, the aim of project team organized the following activities for all party's benefit of the Myanmar socio-economic community with achieving success.

Mr. Provider Co., Ltd, is formed with the intent to provide Quality Engineering Services to the Myanmar market. With combined operational, technical, and commercial exposures locally and abroad, aims to ensure quality Trading service undertakes for the clients.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision

To be the one of most preferred and trusted trade & service provider on the Local market.

Our Mission

We are committed to the best serving our clients and ensuring their satisfaction.

Our Value

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership With passion and courage, we continually innovate to meet the needs of our stakeholders
  • Teamwork To build our values and ‘Deliver Together’, we promote diversity and collaboration across divisions and regions
  • Integrity Personal integrity is paramount to us. We act honestly, fairly and openly

Our Motive

  • Being a Project Teams organizer manages with responsibility the gamut start-to-end delivery of services to the clients.
  • This includes all of the processes activities proposition of planing,multiple-choice of the right person for relevantjob scope,provide correct materials & reserve planing substitution if and when.
  • Being a vendor provide suitable and appropriate Products & General Extraordinary Special Service & Technical support for our customer on time.
  • Being a distributor provides on-time service support after-sales.

Founder’s Message

Min Thitsar

Hello Dear Partner …

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Mr.Provider website.

Firstly, Mr. Provider Co., Ltd. ‘s along with greeting successfully  let us move forward together.

Mr. Provider Company Limited established in 2019 with the aim to provide our business partners with one-stop services for local business ventures.

Based on my 30 years of Overseas experience since 1989, we aim to provide Global trade & Extraordinary general Service with a focus on leading a moral life to the socio-economic community in our country.

I dream to continue to mobilize with a focus on human resources and work together on successful projects.

Not all new challenges we take on will succeed. In fact, we may fail more than we succeed. But that’s not a reason to sit on the sidelines and do nothing for fear of failing.

The fact that tomorrow is not a direct reflection of today rings true for our general services industry as well. As such, it is essential to lay the foundations for the future today in order to achieve sustainable growth, even if it takes time for results to appear.

The key to taking on new challenges is to provide an encouraging environment for our team to do so. Here, one of the most important factors is ensuring diversity. Without diversity, it will be difficult to start new initiatives or take the firm to the next stage. Diversity is also critical for companies to survive. We must recruit and promote people from diverse backgrounds.

However, simply employing diverse talent alone is not enough to energize an organization. Nothing will change unless we have the right culture conducive to everyone being able to bring their full selves to work. Creating that environment is the responsibility of me and the rest of the management team.

One of the key strategies to realize our vision is to be expand our business from private into collective team service markets. It is important to note that at Mr.Provider the word ‘Project team organized by ‘ has several meanings.

We aim to provide each client with bespoke services and solutions made just for them.

Our management vision is to achieve sustainable growth by helping solve social business issues. Our diverse businesses rely on the trust of our clients and all stakeholders. We recognize that raising our corporate value and ensuring sustainable growth of society as a whole are closely linked together.

As we move forward to this new future, everyone at Mr.Provider will work hard to realize sustainable growth for the firm and society.

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